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Western civilization/ Jackson J. Spielvogel.

Physical description: xxxiv, 1018 pages illustrations, maps 29 cm;
Bibliographic notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.;
Edition: Ninth edition.;
Author(s): Spielvogel, Jackson J.;
ISBN: 9781285436401 (comprehensive core edition;
Subjects: Civilization, Western --History --Textbooks.;
Publisher: Stamford, CT : Cengage Learning , c2015;
Call number: CB 245 S641 2015;
Type: Book
Available At: Integrated School Library - High School
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
HS-006729 HS-006729
CB 245 S641 2015
Available Integrated School Library - High School
Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Request this item for check-out
Download MARC Record
008130815s2015 ctuab 001 0 eng
020##$a9781285436401 (comprehensive core edition
050 0$aCB 245$bS641 2015
1001#$aSpielvogel, Jackson J.$d1939$eauthor.
24510$aWestern civilization$cJackson J. Spielvogel.
250 $aNinth edition.
260 $aStamford, CT$bCengage Learning$cc2015
300 $axxxiv, 1018 pages$billustrations, maps$c29 cm
504 $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
650 0$aCivilization, Western$xHistory$vTextbooks.

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