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Requirement to purchase health insurance

Physical description: October 24, 2012 p.1628-1629;
Author(s): Smith, W;
Subjects: Insurance coverage --ethical issues; Insurance health --Ethical issues; Management --Ethical issues; Morals; Patient protection and affordable care act ethical issues;
Type: Journal article
Available At: Health Sciences Library
Host: Journal of the American Medical Association LOCALE_DEPENDENT_IN vol.308 no.16(October 24, 2012),p.1628-1629
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Bar code Accession number Status Location Material type
AR-019136 AR-019136
Available Health Sciences Library
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1000 $aSmith, W
24500$aRequirement to purchase health insurance
300 $aOctober 24, 2012$bp.1628-1629
650 0$aInsurance coverage$xethical issues
650 0$aInsurance health$xEthical issues
650 0$aManagement$xEthical issues
650 0$aMorals
650 0$aPatient protection and affordable care act ethical issues
7730 $tJournal of the American Medical Association$gvol.308 no.16(October 24, 2012),p.1628-1629

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