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New Arrivals in the past: days.

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1 Title: Engineering drawing and design / Cecil Jensen, Jay D. Helsel
Author: Jensen, Cecil Howard
Publisher: New York : Gregg Division, McGraw-Hill , c1990.
Edition: 4th ed.
ISBN: 0070325553
2 Title: What matters in probation / edited by George Mair
Publisher: Cullompton : Willan , 2004.
ISBN: 1843920522 (pbk.)
3 Title: Let there be colorful lights
Author: Jon Williams
4 Title: Give your data radio the AX 8052F400
Author: Fred Eddy
5 Title: Measuring a picaxe processor's internal temperature
Author: Ron Hackett
6 Title: Build a mids to logic controller
Author: Thomas Henry
7 Title: Remote data logger and surveillance cam
Author: Andy Sullivan
8 Title: Building an intelligent data radio
Author: Fred Eady
9 Title: Fritzing with the arduino
Author: Joe Pardue
10 Title: Build your own magnetometer
Author: William Baird
11 Title: From one Jesus to four gospels
Publisher: Quezon City : Claretian Pub. , 1991.
12 Title: Learning theory and classroom practice in the lifelong learning sector / Jim Gould.
Author: Gould, Jim-1949
Publisher: Exeter : Learning Matters , 2012.
Edition: Second edition.
ISBN: 9780857258175 (pbk.)
13 Title: Talking tshirt responds to your touch
Author: Gordon McComb
14 Title: The presence of Barnum effect on standardized and non-standardized online personality test [electronic resource] / Jene Lianica C. Arcega
Author: Arcega, Jene Lianica C.
Publisher: 2015.
15 Title: Teaching literacy to learners with dyslexia : a multi-sensory approach / Kathleen Kelly, Sylvia Phillips.
Author: Kelly, Kathleen.
Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE , 2016.
Edition: 2nd edition.
ISBN: 9781412962186 (pbk. : alk. paper)
16 Title: The presence of Barnum effect on standardized and non-standardized online personality test [electronic resource] / Jene Lianica C. Arcega
Author: Arcega, Jene Lianica C.
Publisher: 2015.
17 Title: Introduction to teaching : making a difference in student learning / Gene E. Hall, Linda F. Quinn, Donna M. Gollnick.
Author: Hall, Gene E.-1941
Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE , 2017
Edition: Second edition.
ISBN: 9781483365015 (pbk. : alk. paper)
18 Title: Literary feminisms / Ruth Robbins
Author: Robbins, Ruth-1965
Publisher: New York : St. Martin's Press , 2000.
ISBN: 0312228074
19 Title: Research writing rewired : lessons that ground students' digital learning / Dawn Reed / Troy Hicks, foreword by Peter Smagorinsky.
Author: Reed, Dawn
Publisher: Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin Literacy , 2016
ISBN: 9781483358987 (spiral : alk. paper
20 Title: Revisiting Jack Goody to rethink determinisms in literacy studies
Author: Ross Colin
21 Title: Telecommunications : a text-lab manual
Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill , 1990.
Edition: 2nd ed.
ISBN: 0070647941
22 Title: Real world research / Colin Robson & Kieran McCartan.
Author: Robson, Colin.
Publisher: Hoboken : Wiley , 2016.
Edition: Fourth Edition
ISBN: 9781118745236 (pbk.)
23 Title: Accessing the effectiveness of two theoretically motivated computer-assisted reading interventions in the united kingdom: GC rime and GC phone
24 Title: Sports events, society and culture / edited by Katherine Dashper, Thomas Fletcher and Nicola McCullough.
Publisher: Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge , 2015.
ISBN: 9780415826754 (hardback)
25 Title: Composing music for games : the art, technology and business of video game scoring / Chance Thomas.
Author: Thomas, Chance-1961
Publisher: Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group , 2016
ISBN: 9781138021419
26 Title: Improving reading comprehension and social studies knowledge in middle school
27 Title: Cultural anthropology / Conrad Phillip Kottak
Author: Kottak, Conrad Phillip
Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill , c1991.
Edition: 5th ed.
ISBN: 0070356157
28 Title: Theatre, performance and cognition : languages, bodies and ecologies / edited by Rhonda Blair and Amy Cook.
Publisher: London : Bloomsbury Methuen Drama , 2016.
ISBN: 8781472591784
29 Title: The Cambridge companion to French literature / edited by John D. Lyons.
Publisher: Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press , 2016.
ISBN: 9781107665224 (paperback)
30 Title: Telecommunications : an introduction to electronic media / Lynne Schafer Gross
Author: Gross, Lynne S.
Publisher: Madison, WI : Brown & Benchmark Pub. , c1997.
Edition: 6th ed.
ISBN: 0697288838
31 Title: What classroom observations reveal about oral vocabulary instruction in kindergarten
Author: Tanya S. Wright
32 Title: Electric machinery and power system fundamentals / Stephen J. Chapman
Author: Chapman, Stephen J.
Publisher: Boston : McGraw-Hill , c2002.
ISBN: 0072291354 (alk. paper)
33 Title: The Cambridge companion to literature of the American West / edited by Steven Frye.
Publisher: New York : Cambridge University Press , 2016.
ISBN: 9781107479272 (paperback)
34 Title: Comprehending and learning from internet sources: processing patterns of better and poorer Learners
35 Title: Intertextuality and narrative practices of young deaf students in classroom contexts: a microethnographic study
Author: Minjeong Kim
36 Title: Dimensions of reading motivation and their relation to reading bahavior and competence
Author: Ulrich Schiefele
37 Title: Epistemological tensions in reading research and a vision for the future
Author: Victoria Porcell Gates
38 Title: Teaching thinking : issues and approaches / Robert J. Swartz & D.N. Perkins.
Author: Swartz, Robert J.
Publisher: London : Routledge , 2017
Edition: Revised edition
ISBN: 9781138648371
39 Title: Deviance : the interactionist perspective / compiled by] Earl Rubington, Martin S. Weinberg
Publisher: Boston : Allyn and Bacon , c2002.
Edition: 8th ed.
ISBN: 0205319084
40 Title: Toward a theoretical model of text
Author: Heidi Anne Mesmer
41 Title: The role of inference making and other language skills in the development of narrative listening comprehension in 4-6 year old children
42 Title: Autism : educational and therapeutic approaches / Efrosini Kalyva.
Author: Kalyva, Efrosini.
Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE , 2011.
Edition: English language ed.
ISBN: 9780857024893 (pbk.)
43 Title: Christy Lane's complete book of line dancing / Christy Lane
Author: Lane, Christy
Publisher: Illinois : Human Kinetics , c1995.
ISBN: 0873227190
44 Title: Advances in coach education and development : from research to practice / edited by Wayne Allison, Andrew Abraham, Andy Cale.
Publisher: London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis , 2016.
ISBN: 9781138100794 (Paperback)
45 Title: Social dance instruction : steps to success / Judy Patterson Wright
Author: Wright, Judy Patterson-1946
Publisher: Champaign, IL. : Human Kinetics Pub. , c1996.
ISBN: 0873228308
46 Title: Teacher as activator of learning / Gayle H. Gregory.
Author: Gregory, Gayle
Publisher: Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin, a SAGE publishing company , 2016
ISBN: 9781483381855 (pbk. : acid-free paper)
47 Title: Reading attributes of middle school students : Results of a U.S. survey
48 Title: Social media in the classroom / edited by Hana S. Noor Al-Deen.
Publisher: New York : Peter Lang , 2016.
ISBN: 9781433129049 (pbk. : alk. paper
49 Title: Biliteracy among children and youths
50 Title: Paradoxes in French-language instruction : Recent social and historical research on literacy in France
51 Title: The complete book of ballroom dancing / Richard M. Stephenson & Joseph Iaccarino
Author: Stephenson, Richard Montgomery-1917
Publisher: Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday , 1980.
Edition: 1st ed.
ISBN: 0385145535
52 Title: Reading leveled books in a assessment-saturated classrooms : a close examination of unmarked processes of assessment
Author: Stavroula Kontovourki
53 Title: Universal design for learning : theory and practice / by Anne Meyer, David H. Rose, and David Gordon
Author: Meyer, Anne-1947-
Publisher: Wakefield, MA : : CAST Professional Publishing, an imprint of CAST, Inc. , [2014]
ISBN: 9780989867405
54 Title: Combining contextual and mophemic cues is beneficial during incidental vocabulary acquisition semantic transparency in novel compund word processing
Author: Stephen M. Brusnighan
55 Title: Transnationalism and literacy : investigating the mobility of people languages, texts, and practices in contexts of migration
56 Title: Teaching science in the primary classroom / edited by Hellen Ward & Judith Roden.
Publisher: Los Angeles : SAGE , 2016
Edition: 3rd edition.
ISBN: 9781473912052
57 Title: Society reschooling
Author: Brian V. Street
58 Title: Research in psychology : methods and design / C. James Goodwin
Author: Goodwin, C. James
Publisher: New York : J. Wiley , c1998.
Edition: 2nd ed .
ISBN: 0471199869